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oakville mould removal

Oakville Mould Removal 

Contact Power Environmental for mould removal in Oakville . Mold can affect your health and even the health of your pets. Mold is not an issue to be taken lightly. Mold has been linked to sinus problems,asthma, eye burning and even depression and memory impairment. Infamous black mold has caused symptoms similar to colds and flu, and even diarrhea and headaches.

If you have mold, you need a company you can trust. At Power Environmental , we have been on a mission to set the standard for accuracy in testing, remediation, and cleanup for over 50 years. With an arsenal of advanced equipment and an expert staff , our customers know that they can get solid information from us – not just information about the mold itself, but also what you need to know about your health and safety.

Even if you’re not sure your ready for mold removal help, feel free to contact us to discuss your mold suspicions. We’re happy to share our experience and answer mold removal questions for our neighbors in the Oakville area.


mould removal in Oakville Ontario

What Should I do if I have Mould

Mould removal is a much more complex process than most people realize. You don’t want to spread the mold to other parts of your home. You also don’t want to make yourself sick from breathing in mold during the removal process. In all situations, the underlying cause of water accumulation must be rectified or fungal growth will reoccur. An immediate response (generally within 24 to 48 hours) and thorough clean up, drying, and/or removal of water damaged material will prevent or limit mould growth. If the source of the water is elevated humidity, relative humidity should be maintained at levels below 40% – 60%.

If your mould covers more then 10 sqft, clean ups should only be done by individuals or contractors with the proper training and equipment in order to avoid wide spread contamination of the building with airborne mould spores. In some cases, a health and safety professional with experience performing microbial investigations should be consulted prior to commencement of remediation activities to provide oversight for the project.

How Can Power Environmental Services Help Me ?

Power Environmental has many years of experience providing mould investigations, remediation and contracting services in Oakville. Our experienced Oakville mould removal team can provide  mold removal and remediation in residential homes and commercial properties. Our technicians have the experience you need. We’ve handled all types of mold and mildew problems. Proper training of technicians is critical in successfully and safely remeding mold growth. The underlying moisture problem must be corrected to prevent recurring mold growth. Occupants and workers must be protected from contaminants during remediation. Our mould removal technicians are well trained and qualified to undertake any kind of mold problem you may run into. Our job is to keep you and your family safe both during and after the mold remediation process. You can be rest assured knowing that Power Environmental , will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

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